ForestMind is an unbiased and independent service, providing actionable insights to companies working towards a sustainable forest-commodity future.

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Who we are

ForestMind is an unbiased and independent service, providing actionable insights to companies working towards a sustainable forest-commodity future.

Utilising multiple technologies, ForestMind assists food retailers and producers to eliminate deforestation from within their supply chains. This is achieved by supporting clients to comply with environmental and deforestation regulations and deliver on deforestation commitments through evidenced-based tools.​

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ForestMind creates meaningful change by employing the experience and knowledge of experts in agriculture, sustainability, policy and Earth observation.

Industry leaders have steered our efforts to understand and address deforestation with stakeholders throughout the food production and supply chain.

Initially funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), the UK Space Agency and various project partners, ForestMind is evolving to become commercially independent so that the goal of a deforestation free future can be reached regardless of funding availability.

Our mission

• To provide the support organisations need to keep agricultural supply chains within ecological limits whilst promoting inclusive economic progress

• To leverage specialist knowledge and capabilities from business and research to deliver actionable insight to validate and enable supply chain decisions

• To remain neutral, independent and unbiased in all our activities


supports industry champions willing to open doors and build support with scalable solutions.
is flexible to contract value added services, such as climate risk profiling, through partnerships.
adopts a neutral positioning and become a trusted entity, providing independent assessment.
offers a powerful consortium of partners with strong reputation, networks, knowledge, expertise, and competency, enabling immediate and global credibility with customers.
offers a variety of unique services at different price ranges to meet customer needs and geographies; this will be enabled by a credible network of partners.
embeds new products and innovations developed by partners that extend the range of value and services delivered to customers across the supply chain

ForestMind’s self-sustaining business model is grounded in conserving forests and addresses the need for sustainability to meet the challenges of the modern world.

Doing more with less, limiting the need for continued deforestation to meet demand and seeking to safeguard natural forests as a valued limited resource. ForestMind works with organisations, clients and partners of all sizes to help them understand their sustainability solution and to set free solutions that benefit all.

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ForestMind business activities include:

Legislative compliance

Commitment progress

Verifying supplier claims

Environmental protection

Supply chain oversight

Managing reputational risk

Deforestation is one of the grandest challenges of our time from a climate change and environmental perspective it is a key factor in both issues. The loss of the diverse habitats that make up the earths rainforests in particular, could have a devastating impact on the balance of the earths delicate systems from which we may never recover. We need to act fast and at scale, we are the first generation to realise the impact we are having on the planet and probably the last generation able to do anything about it.

ForestMind is a coalition of ambitious stakeholders who want to make a difference. Developing the tools that can be used at a global scale to protect and restore these forests is key. The tools represent the “system” for its stakeholders, which deliver actionable insights to drive the outcomes needed. There is huge and diverse support for ForestMind and its potential. We are working hard to ensure the ForestMind becomes a signpost for our customers that guarantees deforestation free operations and products at Sainsburys, enabling those customers who want to make more sustainable choices to easily do so.

JUDITH BATCHELAR, Former CSR Director Sainsburys and now Chair, Trustee & INED

What’s on your MIND?

If you:

Wish to know more about your own food supply chain and how it may be impacting upon deforestation OR

Wish to work towards mitigating deforestation in your processes OR

Wish to understand the exposure and risk in your present practices OR

Wish to seek compliance verification.

Then please contact us for more information:

Justin Byrne: Forestry